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  3S Kab King    

Escape the winds and foul weather. Burch Kab-King is used in conjunction with standard ROPS canopies.   Open front allows total visibility for safety and convenience.   Quick and easy to install, it folds to a compact size for convenient storage.  Made of heavy vinyl  for strength and durability. Models Available & Prices

Heat Tube       

Team up the 3S Kab-King with the Heat Tube for the ultimate in foul weather protection. The is another Burch "first" Mounted to radiator grill, it provides a constant stream of warm air for the operator. Ruggedly constructed of heavy-duty waterproof canvas.   Available in five adjustable sizes.  Models Available & Prices

  Heat Houser

Designed  for easy installation and custom  fitted for your equipment, the Industrial Heat Houser is manufactured of heavy, waterproof canvas. Protects equipment, too!  Models Available & Prices

                              BLANK SPACE= ITEM NOT AVAILABLE


KOMATSU 3S Kab King Heat Tube SL Kab King

Make & Model

Item Price Item Price Item Price
D31 A     D601 $191.25      
D31P 3S-73 $492.45 D601 $191.25      
D31S 3S-72 $437.60 D601 $191.25      
D37E 3S-73 $468.70 D601 $191.25      
D39P 3S-78 $437.60 D801 $191.25      
D41P     D701 $191.25      
D53A 3S-74 $437.60 D701 $191.25      
D55S     D601 $191.25      
D57S     D701 $191.25      
D65E     D801 $191.25 HCI-171 $338.97
D65E-6 3S-72 $437.60 D801 $191.25     
D65EX-12     D801 $191.25     
D65P     D801 $191.25 HCI-171 $338.97
D65P-6 3S-72 $437.60 D801 $191.25     
D65PX-12     D801 $191.25     
D65S     D801 $191.25 HCI-171 $338.97
D66S     D801 $191.25     
D68E     3S-76 $492.45 D801 $191.25     
D68P     3S-76 $492.45 D801 $191.25     
D75S     D701 $191.25     
D75S-3    3S-75 $620.60 D801 $191.25     
D85E     D901 $191.25     
D85E-12    3S-77 $492.45 D901 $191.25     
S135-D     D901 $191.25     
D155     D901 $191.25 HCI-150 $314.95
D-155A-1     3S-70 $492.45 D-901 $191.25    
D355A-3     3S-71 $620.60         


Prices are subject to change without notice. Effective date October 20,2011.

Minimum Billing - $25.00, 25% repacking & handling charges on all returned units. FOB Fort Dodge, IA

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